Sunday, June 01, 2008

Rough night.

It's never a happy thing to have to spend an entire weekend day at work. As a result, I wasn't in the best of moods when I got home at around 7:30 last night. Wanted to just take it easy with a glass of wine, some reading on Reconstruction, and whatever programming was on WHRB at the time. However, that was not to be, as across the street there was yet another effing quinceañera. Though the noise was pretty loud, so loud in fact that I had to shut all my windows and sit in the center room of my house, at least the music part stopped at about 11:00 pm. The après-party (or should I say despues-de-fiesta?) continued a little while longer, but I could just hide my head under the pillow until folks left.

Reality intruded again when I heard some sort of screaming going on outside my window at God knows what time. Stumbled out of bed to find Girl Kitty in the front window (which I was forced to reopen - it's way too warm now and air circulation in my place is nonexistent) defending the territory from some interloper. Got her out of the window without hurting myself too badly, then chased off the stranger - a cat who's a dead ringer for Mamasan save for a snub nose instead of Boy Kitty's characteristic aquiline. That made for a strange effect to see him skulking around in the middle of the night.

Soon after, the birds started up. Hid my head again under the pillow. I think I managed to fall asleep again until the elephant parade upstairs started at around 7:00 ish.

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