Monday, June 09, 2008

Though hotter than Friday, Saturday still wasn't as bad as Sunday. I chose that day to move around and get things done.

Started by cleaning out the spare room - ended up with four large boxes of stuff to cart off to the Salvation Army. Heavens did that feel good. (One room down, three to go.) Decided to hit the garden a bit, as after two weeks of wonderful conditions, there were lots of weeds. Found some purslane (though not enough to eat) and a very nice bit of escarole in one of my garden pots.

Raphaella came out to ask me if I'd keep an eye on her garden while she was away over the summer; how could I say no? She offered me some space in her garden, as she's scaled back considerably this year. I don't feel much like planting anything, but I'll find something good to make her happy.

Saw that the broccoli rabe was coming up like crazy, so helped her thin it out. She ended up with a shopping bagful; I culled out a third of a bag. When it got too hot to stay outside, went in to wash up and take care of indoor business.

Since I'd not eaten yet, decided to saute a bit of the rabe with a few leaves of escarole, some fresh oregano and a clove of garlic. Served it over a bit of leftover rice. Nice.

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