Saturday, June 21, 2008

After I got some bill paying done, decided to check out the farmers market in Union Square.

Saw that my favorite stand, the one run by a Hmong family that specializes in Asian greens, wasn't there. Hopefully it's only because it's early yet. I like them.
I did get some nice things, though. At the Drumlin Farm stall, picked up a decent-looking bok choy, a pint of local strawberries (say what you want about that locatarian thing - personally, I think it's impractical here in New England for most of the year and, in general, a bit silly - MA strawberries blow the California ones out of the water.) and some radishes. At another stand next to theirs, I got the last handful of rhubarb (hopefully enough to make a sauce with the strawberries), some pretty cherry tomatoes and a bunch of asparagus. Also hit another stand facing those two, one I remember from last year because the fellow running it is so incredibly handsome. From him, I got some snap peas and baby carrots.

Thought I might buy a baked treat for breakfast, but nothing really tempted me. My nose led me over to a herb stand, though, where I ended up buying some lavender and herbal tea. The tea's particularly pretty, as it has all sorts of flower petals in it and smells like a bouquet.

For dinner tonight, I'm trying to decide between the snap peas and the asparagus with chive potatoes and some ham. (Far more interesting than mulling over why my reporting software's denying me access to the area I need most right now.)

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