Tuesday, June 17, 2008

"You've got a nice place, why do you want to move? You should settle down."

"You want to get a Masters Degree? Why don't you get that Harvard one* like the lady who runs your department."

"He's such a nice guy. Why don't you marry him?"

"You should get a job with the State: they have lots of time off and you'll get a nice pension when you retire."

"Why don't you just be a translator. Then you could go to France."

"You know, your cousin works for Sony and he travels all over the world and makes tons of money. You could do something like that."


Aah, the relatives are back. They mean well; really they do. And I do love them. That love is kept alive by keeping several hundred miles between us.

* A story for another time.


Unknown said...


Dr Bob said...

Ain't relatives grand? (Of course, you get to choose your friends!)


Be said...

Bob - Dad's chuckling because when they're here with me, they're not camped out on his front porch!