Sunday, June 15, 2008

Since I got paid on Friday, I decided to splurge a bit and buy some annuals for the garden. Came home from Ricky's with some snapdragons, marigolds and portulacas. The portulacas made me particularly happy, as they remind me of the house in Eastie - probably the nicest place I ever lived in Boston.

Anyway, spent yesterday spiffing up the place - deadheading, pruning, planting - in time for some shebang the landlord's having tonight. Collapsed afterward from a bit too much sun and too much pressure on the lower back.

It DOES look nice, though.


Unknown said...

Portulacas are my absolute favorite annual, and they're so hard to find lately. But there is nothing like them all in various colors blooming in the early morning. So sweet.

Be said...

You should try Ricky's in Union Square, Somerville! They had tons of them!

Quantity and relative cheapness is what dictates my plant purchases.