Tuesday, June 24, 2008

This Morning's Walk In.

Ailanthus blooms after the rain. Loved the patterns the flowers made on the ground; kind of Escher-like, I guess. Also appreciated that it smelled more like linden than tree-of-heaven out this morning.

Privet. Tiny white flowers that smell a little like lilacs. Everyone had a privet hedge where I grew up, but they would trim them before the flowers came out. Never saw flowering ones till I moved here.

Queen Anne's Lace.

Episcopal Church gone condo; corner of Summer and Walnut Streets in Union Square. Most evenings there'll be a peregrine perched atop the steeple.


Unknown said...

I love the smell of privet. My mom's house is surrounded - on one side the hedge is 20 feet high. The flowers bloom madly. Nowadays I fear I'm allergic to privet but I still love it!!! My favorite Cape Cod smell: a mixture of privet, rugosa roses, and salt. MMM!

Be said...

I love the rosa rugosa smell and the salt air - not enough of either of those here.

Privet's kind of an acquired 'taste.'


You know, I'm not nuts about Somerville, but I do see regularly a couple nice houses that I call my "dream houses." One (small Victorian-era with a mansard roof) has a chain-link fence around and a hideous add-on. My dream is to buy the house, take down the add-on, get ride of the chain-link and replace that with a rugosa hedge.