Monday, June 16, 2008

Project in a Jar.

Years ago, I bought a box of buttons at a yard sale. It's got all sorts of neat things from stars for military uniforms to little Masonic emblems to all sorts of cool sparkly things from my Grandmas' era. Anytime I get an extra button with a new shirt or pair of pants or I salvage stuff from an old bit of clothing, I add to the collection (though arguably, my additions aren't nearly as cool as what the box started out with).

My favorites in the collection would have to be these pearly ones,

hands down. I'm wondering if maybe they didn't come from an old wedding dress.

Am thinking of either knitting or crocheting up a chain of them with some gold thread as I really do want a set of cream-colored pearls and shouldn't be spending my money on such fripperies right now. I don't think that my idea would be too funky-looking...

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