Saturday, June 21, 2008

The catalapas are in bloom!

Saw a massive one while crossing the Lowell Street Bridge this morning.

They'd actually been in bloom all week, but I'd not been well enough to snap any pictures. Was lucky to find one tree that hadn't lost most of its flowers today. Love those clusters of little white, orchid-like flowers. They're kind of like chestnuts, only not with all the whiskers.

I've noticed that catalpas seem to like to line railways and that anywhere they are, one will find lots of ailanthuses. Though I'll never disparage a tree, I do have to say that I don't much care for ailanthus smell. It's earned them the nickname "trash can tree," after all. I don't know that they smell that bad; they kind of remind me of a plant-version of skunk scent. Not exactly pleasant, but not exactly unpleasant, either. There's a little bit of bitterness, of slight putrescence, that falls just short of making me want to hold my nose.

It's an interesting foil to the almost cloyingly sweet scent of linden and the honeysuckle's perfume.

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