Monday, June 09, 2008

Damn Flowers.

That's Raphaella's catchall term for things she doesn't know the name of.

These started showing up in her flower beds. Since I'd never seen them before, I asked her what they were and where they came from. She had no idea what they were called; they came from some seeds she stole from a neighbor.

Any idea as to what these are?


jo said...

They look a bit like cheddar pinks (dianthus) but stalked like valerian, very curious!

Be said...

It looked like a kind of dianthus, but I wasn't sure. I'm not very good with flowers.

Had a bunch of these in my flowerbed, but pulled them out this year. They were getting a little bit too much to handle. I liked the color, though. Raphaella's new plants would make a nice replacement.

Unknown said...

Sweet William. My husband cultivates them. They are perennials. Some are bicolored. We have them all over the yard. Enjoy!

Be said...

I'm looking for a lot of self-seeding annuals and perennials to fill in spaces as, after this year, the garden will no longer be my problem (not that it ever was a problem, mind you) and I know that the landlord won't take much care of it. As am planning to go to a garden store this weekend, I'll be looking for Pinks/Williams, as I like them a lot.