Tuesday, April 12, 2005

A Question for the Fashionistas Out There

Does the no white stockings until after Memorial Day rule still hold? I really, really wanted to wear one of two cute skirts but couldn't bring myself to put on the best coordinating stockings. Opted instead for the drab navy gear again. Granted, I do have a bit of a Jean Seberg thing going on right now, and that's never a bad thing...the season (independently of the calendar) is calling out for something a little bit less dark.

Now, I know that the skirts I linked to appear to have bare-legged models, but that's neither appropriate for work nor practical for my walk in given the temperature. If nude stockings were an option, I'd wear them. Unfortunately, I'm so pale that they make my legs look as though I put that fake tanning lotion on them.


Nick said...

Oh look... long skirts. I'm not fashionista (is that an actual word? Sounds like a fascist) but there's nothing wrong with showing a little leg.

Pablo said...

BEAR-legged models?

Be said...

Yeah, Pablo, they're French.