Thursday, April 28, 2005

My friend LeAnn is an accountant by trade. In her hobby, however, she blows the likes of Todd English or Lydia Shire away, as far as I'm concerned.

She gets a kick out of the fact that I can only describe these cookies as being...well, like your first kiss - not with some teenage goofball, but with an older man who knows what the heck he's doing, for goodness' sake. Yes, they're that good.

No Bake Orange Cookies

(these cookies taste better if you let them sit a couple days after making)

1 12oz package Vanilla Wafers, finely crushed
1c Pecans or almonds, finely ground
2c Powdered sugar
1⁄4 t Salt
1⁄4 t Cinnamon
1 6oz can Frozen orange juice concentrate
1⁄2c Margarine or unsalted butter, melted
1c Flaked coconut

Combine vanilla wafer crumbs, nuts, salt, cinnamon and powdered sugar.

Add orange juice concentrate, margarine or butter, stirring until well blended. Let mixture stand for 5 minutes.

Form dough into bite size balls and roll in flake coconut until evenly covered. Keep in an airtight container.

Yield: 48 cookies


songstress7 said...

1/2 cup of margarine or butter? or 1/2 stick? or 1/2 tablespoon? Do tell!

Be said...

Hey - thanks for catching that - it's 1/2 cup...

Be said...

Fat of your choice (I'm a cheapo, so I've used margarine)