Wednesday, April 27, 2005

In mid and late May, I see that there are at least couple of events dedicated to Japanese composer and film scorer Toru Takemitsu:

The Harvard Film Archive has a series devoted to his work and the Japanese New Wave movement. Though I'd like to catch as many of the films as possible, the May 6 double feature (a documentary and Ran) being introduced by Peter Grilli of the Japan Society of Boston sounds particularly interesting. I enjoyed Grilli's introduction to Masahiro Shinoda last summer, so look forward to his insights on another friend of his from this wonderful revolutionary period in Japanese film.

On May 27, the BMOP is having a Takemitsu tribute concert featuring three pieces by Takemitsu in addition to works written in his memory- one by Ken Ueno and the other by Tan Dun. I'm not so familiar with Ueno's work, but am a fan of Tan Dun's (you can tell Takemitsu's influence on him) and would be very interested to hear their impressions of him.

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