Friday, April 01, 2005

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates, II

As far as chocolate is concerned, I'll take quality over quantity any time. I was trained into this by my French maman years ago who encouraged me to have just a little piece of dark chocolate pour ma sante every day. It wasn't artisanal stuff, just regular blocks she'd pick up at Carrefour - but, ciel, was it good. I also found that that extra bit of magnesium, along with some of the other good stuff (hormone mimicking?) within really helped calm down painful times of the month. Quite a concept for a girl with weight issues to pick up on - that chocolate wasn't necessarily a "bad" food and that small quantities could actually be beneficial.

It's pretty easy for me to stay away from the candy bowls that litter my office - they're generally filled with sugary things like M&Ms and miniature Snickers bars. For the sake of my health, though, I do every now and again like to hit Teuscher on Newbury for a few of their dark bars. They're expensive as all get out, but a little goes along way and makes a wonderful complement for my current (other) favorite antioxidant delivery system, as well.

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