Sunday, April 10, 2005

Kale's starting, sorrel's sprouted. I've got a ton of radishes on their way. Forget-me-nots also appear to have taken hold. It doesn't seem that the peas from Chinatown are doing much, though.

In the makeshift greenhouses in my bathroom and pantry (strong light in from the north and east), the tomatoes and basil appear to happy. Still nothing from the rosemary, though. Started some evening primrose and vinca seeds yesterday morning - they're old seeds, so we'll see what happens.

House is swept, scrubbed, mopped, dusted as much as it can be. I really need to reconfigure/get some better ideas for storage in my bedroom. I'm getting pushed out of here by my wool and books. That seems like a great spring cleaning idea...I've been looking for a loft bed or a pattern for a loft bed for some time. Any recommendations? I've been looking at the Ikea website for beds, but they don't have any weight limits listed.

Anyway, more later. I want to hit the grocery store and get a little bit of fresh air/sunshine while the gettin's good.

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