Tuesday, April 19, 2005

A New Pope!

I know relatively little about Benedict XVI, except from what I see in the headlines. The first German pope since the 11th century; sounds like a millenium celebration will be on hand in Bavaria, at least. I'm also noting that he's being called arch conservative and "hardliner" by the media. I guess we can take it to mean, then, that Cardinal Ratzinger is not a Unitarian?

Professor Bainbridge has some more developed "dashed off" thoughts on this. (via Instapundit)


Oh! I see that John Paul II used to jokingly refer to Ratzinger as "Panzerkardinal" (Enforcer Cardinal). That's kind of funny. I've also read that A survey in Der Spiegel(Think German Nouvel'Obs. Somewhere to the left of New Republic but not quite like the Nation or Harpers.)shows a majority of Germans being unhappy with him. Well, we'll see what happens. Must be the strong stance against Marxism and Moral Relativism.


Gosh darnit, Manolo!


One more aside: Am waiting to hear the usual suspects go on about his having been a Nazi. If they can go on about Bush being a Nazi or Bush's Family's Nazi ties, might as well go on about the new Pope.

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