Monday, January 09, 2006

Talked to my dad the other day: he seems well - was up and could walk but needed to rest after his surgery (stents put in some arteries in his legs to clear out blockages - hopefully they'll work and he won't have to get the bypass). Since I'd just gotten my test results back from my doctor, I mentioned to him that it appeared as though, in addition to the long legs, I'd inherited his beautiful thick blood. Thanked him for this gift.

He laughed and responded that I descended from Vikings and that as a Viking I needed the rich blood and big bones to go about the business of conquering the world.

(Am hoping that I got the Viking sense of humor as well.)


Yogo said...

There's also the gift of modern pharmaceuticals. Reverse that thick blood.

Take care now.

Be said...

Nap: the doctor mentioned drinking about twice the water I drink a day, also drinking a glass of red wine a day. I should also get into the habit of more strenuous exercise and lose a bit of weight. I'd had a major setback about a year and a half ago when I injured my left knee: stopped running, hiking, dancing. Couldn't even walk without a cane for over a month. Essentially, what I need to do is to get myself back on track and more disciplined than I've allowed myself to be these past months. Totally doable and what I've resolved for myself in 2006.

Doctor tells me that if I manage this, I won't need meds to deal with the blood.