Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Mon embarras du choix (updated)

Hit the jackpot yesterday morning on the way to work: found a twenty dollar bill in the street. What a nice way to end such a difficult week.

Am trying to decide what to do with my windfall, as $20 is an awful lot of money, after all. Should I put it in my savings account? Pay my electric bill? Spend it on groceries? Something frivolous? Even here, $20 will pay for quite a bit of frivolity: a skein of really nice (cashmere even!) yarn, a trip to the movies (if there's anything worth seeing) and dessert afterwards, some music. A DVD (heck - almost 1/2 a DVD player to play said DVD on), a new outfit (if you shop like I do), some fun kitchen gadgets.

Wow. What a bit of mad money can do for a girl's psyche. I feel as though the world's my oyster.


I decided to spend my cash on a subscription renewal to my favorite knitting magazine. Have a roomful of yarn, so figured that it might be better to invest in things to help the inspiration.

Have been meaning to make something for me for a while now, but kept getting sidetracked by socks, hats and baby layettes. Decided that it was time to make me a birthday present, went through my stash, found about 1400 yds a pretty color-flecked blue acrylic/wool blend, a pair of size 8s and a cable needle. My intention is to make me a nice little updated aran by a favorite(fairly)local artist.

Kristin Nicholas's Aran Pullover, from the Winter 05 edition of Interweave Knits.

If I can talk someone into taking some pictures, I'll give updates.


Sissy Willis said...

I say, go with the yarn . . . A gift to yourself that will keep on giving . . .

As a street "worker," I am in awe of your skill:

"Something of an extraordinary nature

Yogo said...

Found money is great. Get the yarn and a cup of something warm to drink.

Be said...

Sissy, thought you might like this one: Hal just found another older model iMac that was left languishing (almost) curbside downtown. It's one from the second generation and I've named it la bella violetta to go with beau bleu (found curbside in Medford) and beau gris (bought refurbished). My father jokes that we could start a computer center with everything we find.


Nappy: sometimes I like to leave a couple dollars in my winter coat pocket so that I have a little surprise the next season.