Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Bumpersticker Two-fer:

The first one was on Sunday, heading back into town from a weekend retreat:

"I'm animal-friendly" (on either the back of a hybrid of some sort or a Volkswagon. Don't remember which.)

I added "and I'm bi-curious," which touched off one a really funny tirade from The Guy.


This morning on the walk to work, I saw one that said "Waldemort votes Republican."

Sigh. Immature is not cute. You're not whimsical, you're mental.


Pablo said...

Did I mention that She Whom I No Longer Mention avidly read the last Harry Potter Book when it came out, and told me about it, and I politely listened, but knew it was a Warning Sign? In denial though I thought to myself "At least she's not reading the Da Vinci Code..."

Yogo said...

Would love to hear excerpts of the tirade.

Yogo said...

How was the weekend?

Be said...

Pablo: you know that my standard line on the subject of certain people is "say nothing but good of the dead. (Joan Crawford's Dead. Good.)" But...like I said earlier, y'ain't whimsical, you're mental.

Be said...

Nappy: It was kind of raw, actually. Had to do with not being 'curious' at all.

The weekend was a good one. I'll have some pictures up later on today, ojala.

amba said...

That sounds like a cross between Voldemort and Wal-Mart.