Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Autour le Charles

Happy me, I found a little gift in my mailbox this morning. It looks as though my rambling shutterbug's well enough to take up his commutes à pied again.

Not too much ice on the Charles, as it's been surprisingly temperate this month (Currently, the temperature's in the low 60s).

Someone else who doesn't mind the warmer weather.

Fo' shizzle.

Interesting side note on that pilgrim hat: I'd always thought that the new logo for the Massachusetts Turnpike was a leprechaun hat (dead serious! Symbolizing what? The great Hibernian patronage system that the Pike symbolizes?). Hal disabused me of this notion on the last cah trip we took: up until the 90s, when the state religion of PC was instituted, the logo was a pilgrim hat pierced by an arrow.


Look! Hal managed to find an example of the old logo:

There's an even older one, too, that doesn't reference Indians or pilgrims. Wonder why they ever let go of that one.


Yogo said...

What was wrong with the pilgrim hat logo? I like it.

Be said...

Well, there's the implication that injuns did something so bad as shoot arrows into pilgrim hats, I think, that caused the 'Pike authority to change it. The new logo looks like something one of the damn leprechauns on the Celtics uniforms would wear.

Yogo said...

Oh my, I never even thought about that! My observation skills aren't what they used to be.

Be said...

Hal thought I was out of my tree for mentioning it - it is a bit of a stretch.