Friday, January 27, 2006

Song of the day, a happy memory and a bit of food p0rn.

Be and Luigi pulling mussels from a shell.

Have finally been getting around to sorting through gifts, etc that I got for Christmas. Found a CD chock-full o' pictures Deer Isle this summer. How funny to look back on just half a year ago and have it feel like five years have passed.

I'm always a fan of free food, so was overjoyed at the announcement that red tide wasn't a threat anymore on our bit of shore. Collected mussels and was doing the usual mariniere thing with them. Then along came Luigi - Italian exchange scholar and gourmet extraordinaire. One afternoon when the tide was low enough, we collected buckets of mussels, washed them, cooked them, shelled them, then did amazing things with olive oil, garlic, onions, sea salt. Served this delicious mess over linguine. Since the dish was an improvised creation, I named it Cozze al'Luigi.


Yogo said...

Yep. Food porn.

Be said...

You think this one's nice, you should see the one I have of him making peas for Thanksgiving. I think he should be a cooking calendar boy.