Friday, January 06, 2006

Everyone's a critic.

Guess this one's a deconstructionist.


Nick said...


A urinal... worth 3.5 million dollars?

I wonder how much my toilet is worth.

I won't even make a comment about the quote that says that the urinal is a "seminal piece"...

Be said...

Well, that's dada for you.
Funny - Hal and I were having a talk about this earlier in the week. I understand the philosophical underpinnings of what Duchamp was doing, but don't really consider this to be art. Hal disagrees with me. Of course, what's so damn funny about the whole thing is that these guys were trying to be iconoclastic/anti-establishment at the time. I wonder if they're rolling in their graves from the posthumous realization that they *are* the establishment now.

Be said...

That seminal line made me do a double take as well, by the way. (snicker, snort)