Tuesday, January 03, 2006

2005's still working its way through my body.

The transformation from Eartha Kitt to Frog Princess occurred sometime around New Year's Eve. Have since looked up the problem and found that the missing voice might not be found for two weeks. No doubt this is a wonderful gift for my coworkers and friends.

Am pretty tired out from lack of activity. There's only so much a girl can do at home alone, whizzed up on cold and pain medication. Can't phone anyone to harass them, can't concentrate too much on any major project such as color knitting or a novel. Keep falling asleep during a movie. How I'd love to be able to go outside, take a walk, see and communicate with other people. (Can't talk and don't want to risk falling again like I did twice this weekend. Ouch.)


Yogo said...

I once had a very bad cold which resulted in me losing my voice for about 5 days. It went from a high pitched squeak to absolutely nothing. And it was a vile bug too -- spread through the workplace like wildfire. As soon as my voice came back, a co-worker would lose hers.

Be well.

Be said...

We had a flu like that at my office four years ago - more a case of the greenapple two-step: someone would get it, be out of the office for a week, then someone else would. Ended up with a net loss of 3lbs per person.

Am starting to feel better: was able to get myself to the chiropractor today to work on back treatments.

You take care of YOU!

Yogo said...

It's funny how those bugs pass through. One of the co-workers said she caught it from her daughter who got it from school. By the time it got to us adults it morphed into something else. Yuck!

I'm doing GREAT by the way.

Be said...

I'm wondering if I got it from the kids I was with over Christmas, as I started feeling pretty rotten the Tuesday after. Hal'd been out during the week, too, with some sort of bad cold.

Though not really well enough to do much beyond maybe walk around the block, am feeling head and shoulders above how I was yesterday, or even two days ago. Am hoping to get in to work for a bit tomorrow - am sick to death of sitting at home.