Sunday, October 16, 2005

You really have to get cable II

The hotel we were put up at in Rockland had, among other things, free cable. Barely after changing out of our more formal attire, we received a phone call: karaoke in the "penthouse" suite of one in the wedding party. Hal's a friend of the groom, so he had to make an appearance. I chose to stay in the room and rest.

After taking a shower and putting on my pajamas, I decided to see if there was a movie on someplace. Surfing a bit netted me next to nothing interesting: the chance to buy a garnet bracelet. A South Park rerun that, in spite of my only rarely having seen the show, I'd seen twice before. A really poorly conceived but graphically slick animal program modelled after the X-files (This week: Are Animals Smarter Than We Are? Then send them to college! Surely they could do just as well as the Bungee-jumping animal behaviorist and the Cinematographer/Conservationist hosting the show. For that matter - is there some rule out there that states that anyone hosting one of these shows has to be Australian? They all seem to be.). A couple of sharply-gesticulating metrosexual fur-trappers discussing carpentry as a hobby in very harsh French.

Thank heavens for Maine PBS, which broadcasts Red Green. (We don't get that in Boston and I love it.) After that, caught a bit of a French French news program I remembered liking a lot. (Surprised it was still being made. Surprised to see it being diffused midcoast.) Drifted off listening to pleasant voices in a softer French accent talking about the creators of Astérix and Obélix.

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