Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I wonder how long it will take someone to figure out that if she responds to my venting my spleen on certain issues by telling me to "suck it up or get out" that I'm not going to be such a sensitive ear to her gripes? Most of her (and my) aggravations do tend to be a direct result of the direction she steered the department in, after all. I'm not in management, so really can't be scapegoated for that, too.

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Anonymous said...

Do not press the red button, blow off the canopy, have the seat blast into the sky, and deploy the ejection chute. Get vested, and THEN....

Of course you are already resolved on this course. Here is an interim suggestion. The book "Your Money or Your Life"

(sorry I don't know how to do these links) is a detailed guide to getting free for people who don't make much money. It not only works, but taking your own independence on as a project can transform your relationship to your job. I actually find myself feeling a bit of extra gratitude every 2 weeks - it (the critical IT) is 2 weeks closer.

It's only in Day-By-Day that you can have non-trivial relationships with colleagues and especially with bosses. Let the woman vent elsewhere. Or as I once did, state that future sessions will be billed at $60/hour, my therapy rate.