Wednesday, October 19, 2005

This one goes out to all my overeducated girlfriends overlooking the undereducated Mr.s Right right under their noses.


I know you been to college
I can tell by how you walk
I know you been to college
I can tell by how you talk.
Take off those glasses girl,
Let me feel your pain.
Take off those glasses girl,
I wanna feel your pain.

Elouise, Elouise, Elouise,
Where on Earth you goin'?

Been down to the gym, tryin' to be all I can be.
A little discipline's all you really need.
Got a condo in Modesto with a heated swimming pool
Talkin' condo in Modesto with a heated swimming pool...

Elouise, Elouise, Elouise,
I wanna take you higher...

Tell me true,
Are you where you wanna be?
Are you ready to be challenged
Are you ready to be free?
Free to make the kind of life I know that you deserve
Free to make the kind of life
I think you know what I'm talking about

Elouise, Elouise, Elouise
Where on earth you going...

-Chuck Prophet


A lot of talk about the education gap between men and women seemed to focus on the issue of women not being able to find men who were their educational or intellectual equals. I guess that this could be a problem if you're treating finding a partner like interviewing job candidates. Otherwise, I don't see an issue (aside from the obvious problem of men getting shortchanged by the educational system).

All these odd, Keeping-Up-With-the-Joneses criteria that women (and a lot of men here in the northeast) keep coming up with make me wonder sometimes. Why keep putting up barriers between yourself and possible happiness? Who cares if he drives a garbage truck, works for UPS, owns a convenience store? Do you feel safe, protected, secure when you're with him? Does he make you feel special? Do you feel like you could talk and talk with him and never run out of things to say? Can you be comfortably silent with him? Does he love your children if you have any?

Some of my happiest girlfriends got over the marrying below them thing. So their guys might not have the same educational background as they do, that's only one (relatively small) aspect that can be overlooked pretty easily in the scheme of things. For them, it's not about being equal in everything so much as being complementary.


I forgot about the sense of humor thing. He's got to have a sense of humor that jibes with yours. Then it doesn't matter if he's way smarter than you are, even.


Yogo said...


Be said...

what what?


Nick said...


(That huh is not about the song... but rather to the what, what what thing. I mean ... I had to say something. And really... what's funnier than just a single word reply? If you can sum up everything you're thinking in just a single suscinct word... that's the coolest. You know, when you can have that sort of economy of language, and not go rambling on and on, pushing a joke to its very limit. That's when you know you're funny.)

Be said...

You're making fun of us, aren't you.

Nick said...

It was more self depricating than anything else... plus its just fun to not stop typing. I like the sound of the clicking keys... click click click... just banging away... in a smooth rythmn filling the air... not any real point to it... maybe just to fool my coworkers into thinking I'm working right now. Could you imagine what it would be like if I were long winded? Sheehs... that would be really bad then.

Be said...

My grasp on English is tenuous at best, and I know that I have a tendency towards wordiness. I aspire to your economy of words, as, well, I'm a blogging windbag.

As for the typing thing - folks who know me know I'm goofing off, as I don't type for my work. Thing is, I love to type. It's soothing to me, too.

Yogo said...

I can't type at all. I just bang away and when I'm done I go back and try to fix the typos.

My English isn't so good either, could be that learning German thing I did as a child.

Be said...

What were you doing learning German?

I got a C in my first German class in college, because I was all prideful and stuff because I grew up speaking it. Turns out that I was speaking an unrecognized dialect known as "Verruckter-Buffalo-Deutsch" (Crazy Buffalo German). German with English syntax and a bit of Yiddish and Polish thrown in to spice it up.

Yogo said...

Negligent housekeepers would plant me in front of the tv when I was a baby. All I knew was Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers, and Guten Tag, German immersion tv. That went on for years. I wasn't fluent, but I understood it.

Be said...

That's so funny!
Since I grew up on the border with Canada, we had French Sesame Street. I'm pretty sure that that's how I picked French up.