Thursday, October 20, 2005

Passing by the local middle eastern market this afternoon, I noted a dark car with tinted windows pull up in front of me. The driver got out, went to the rear passenger door and opened it. Out came a woman who looked about my age clad in black from head to toe. The driver shut the car door and then accompanied the lady into the market.

Say what you want about cultural diversity, I'm always going to find the sight of a chauffered car pulling up to a neighborhood bodega a weird sight.


Sissy Willis said...

As you should. They are trying to force us to adopt their woman-trashing standards the same way you boil a frog, by putting us in a pot of cold water and turning on the gas. By the time we realize what's happening, it's too late . . . the opposite of the American Way.

Be said...

Sissy - it's really upsetting to me because some of the most hospitable, respectful and chivalric people to me (and my friends, Jew and Gentile alike) have been muslims. I know a couple of the guys who work in that market because I go there a lot to pick up staples (I cook a fair bit of North African) - very nice. It could be whatever that term is for lying to your enemies to appear benign, it could be because I can put a word or two of berber in with my French, but I don't think so. It's so confusing. I wonder how they feel about the Saudis and Wahabism. Should ask sometime.

Yogo said...

I understand, be. There is a Middle Easten deli near me and I love to shop there for pita, olives and babaganoush. All Muslims. I've never been treated rudely and they are always friendly. And I'm just an American black person. Who knows, maybe in their language they're insulting me. I don't know.