Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Civilization doesn't end at the coasts.

As we former Buffalonians stranded in Boston like to say, "if you're making fun of Buffalo, you've never been there."

I've been mulling over moving back for a number of years, as I miss home. Have been campaigning pretty hard for friends to come along and see what life can be like in an area that has just about all the amenities of Boston (cultural and otherwise), friendlier residents and is actually affordable. Looks like a diaspora of sorts has already begun.

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Anonymous said...

Venez ici.

Check out to see what's been going on and will be going on in town.

Only read my blog to get pi$$ed about our local politics. But I lived in Boston, and politics is politics everywhere.

Be said...

Thanks...I'm hoping to get the heck out soon. Politics aside, it's still a nice place to live. The boyfriend's hooked on the place. A few other friends are interested, mainly lured by the prospect of meeting pretty Polish engineer-type girls. We'll see what happens.

Yogo said...

What's Buffalo like? Rural? Urban? Small city? Small town?

Be said...

Buffalo's a small city (about 200,000 or so inhabitants) right on the border with Canada. We're about an hour and a half to two hours south of Toronto, which is comparable to Boston population-wise, anyway.

I lived both in the city (with my mom) and in the country (out near Attica - my aunt and uncle had a farm out there and would take care of my brother and me when my mom couldn't handle us).

The weather's not so bad as people like to say - in fact, the past few years have seen lower temperatures and comparable snowfall in Boston.

Though it's in New York State, the people are more midwestern in mannerisms than northeastern. I see them as friendlier, more down-to-earth, less prone in some areas to the keeping up the joneses sort of behavior (new cars, bigger houses, another grad degree) I see so much of here.

Why'd I leave? Family issues an an offer that my alma mater made me that I'd have been stupid to refuse. I like Boston well enough because I've lived here for so long, but it's not home. Buffalo is.

Be said...

There's not much of an economy there, that's a big problem. Something I'd dreamed of doing (talk about it a lot with my boss who's also a former Buffalonian) was bringing back what I learned here along with some capital and starting some business there. I'd like to do something good when I get back.