Friday, October 14, 2005

Of more immediate concern to me are two things:

1.) What was the little molasses-ey smelling biscuit thing I found on my desk when I came in this morning? Did someone leave it for me to have with my coffee or is it something the cleaners found on the floor, but forgot to throw out?

2.) I'm hungry; what to have for lunch?


Mysteries solved! (3:25 pm edt)

1.) Someone did leave me a cookie. It's supposed to be an organic hermit or something. I'm thinking of letting it dry out and then polyurethaning it. I like to polyurethane leftovers. My boss has a deskful of pizza slices, odd doughnuts, etc. This thing's a good candidate.

2.) Chicken gumbo, an apple, some seltzer water. The gumbo was a bit salty, but otherwise pretty good.

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