Thursday, October 20, 2005

Last night I dreamt that one of my coworkers, a pani like me, was giving me the requirements for some reports she needed in Polish. I answered back in German. It was strange because, in the waking world, she talks to me in Polish and I usually respond in English.


Yogo said...

Well be, there are people I know in my real, waking life that speak to me in Spanish and I answer them in English.

Be said...

My coworker is Polish from Poland, whereas I'm the Polish Equivalent of Boston Irish (meaning, second generation American). I don't feel confident enough in my Polish to give great orations on subjects peculiar to my field, so often I'll just answer back in English.

With my boss, however, I will speak German, as she's German and no one in our department speaks that.

I hate speaking Polish well enough, though.