Monday, October 17, 2005

It strikes me as odd to purchase items from a museum gift store that don't represent what one saw in the museum at that time. Still, on occasion, I do it.

This time around, probably influenced by the Katz portraits and scultpure I was surrounded by in the exhibit hall, I picked up a couple Will Barnett cards:

Silent Seasons - Summer

Silent Seasons - Winter

(Would have loved prints of the whole series, but they didn't carry any. Sometimes a girl has to make due with what she can get.)

There is something so engaging about Barnett's work, much like Andrew Stevovich's, and to a lesser degree, Katz's. It could be a reference to the heavy formality of ancient Egyptian figure painting. Could also be an aspiration on my part towards a sort of cool, expressionless, almost iconic self-control that his subjects seem to exude.


Yogo said...

I really like those cards. Reminds me of the blue dog paintings. Same dog, different settings.

Be said...

Those images are incredibly calming to me.

I have a Stevovich image that's right in front of my face at work so that I can remember to be calm - it's of a woman asleep in the woods in autumn. There's a dog beside her gnawing on a bone and just sort of casually keeping an eye out. Usually, there's no other place on earth I'd rather be than that place.