Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Broadsheet (ha! Get it?) purports to keep women abreast (snort!) on The Issues affecting them.

Call me silly, call me hypersensitive (just don't call me premenstrual!), but just because I may have a pair of ovaries, more estrogen than testosterone in my chemical mix and a set of bumpers on my chest, doesn't mean I share the same perspective as Salon's (hopeful) target readership for this 'cheeky, new' blog for women.

-thanks, Nappy, for linking me to all that pink.


Nick said...

* Feeling suddenly outnumbered... the male of the species runs for cover. *

Be said...


Am not one of those kinds of girls.

Yogo said...

I don't think men need to run for cover from the cheeky girls at Salon.