Wednesday, October 19, 2005

What if...

John Adams and Adrian Belew were to marry and honeymoon in Bali?

This, maybe.

Next Galak tika performance. (Community Music at its best.)

Next performance of a work by Evan Ziporyn.

Darn straight I'm going to try to see both.

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Anonymous said...

My main man, Adin Ballou. It's all about the socialism, baby!

Adin Ballou (1803-1890), the founder of the Hopedale utopian community, was a leading pacifist, socialist, and abolitionist. Unlike many other reformers of his time Ballou did not abandon his pacifist principles during the Civil War. The Hopedale Community (1841-1856) was based upon pacifism and "Practical Christian Socialism," a form of socialism that, unlike Marxism, included private property and the profit motive. In later life Ballou trusted that his ideas would be taken up again, perhaps a century or more in the future. Perhaps the time is approaching when we will be ready to consider again Ballou's ideas on how we can live together, in loving peace and cooperation.