Friday, December 17, 2004

Sorry, it's been the reporting 'perfect storm,' again. Would that there were three of me! Anyway, I'm ruminating over all sorts of things while playing my sibyl game. Thinking about one of my favorite people in the office leaving, about mittens and hats and sweaters that need to be finished up. About the outing of dead historical figures. I'm also daydreaming about a couple Great Pyrennes I was formally introduced to yesterday. Would really love a dog again.

Just noted that Decision08 has his weekly jackass up. Not a big surprise, of course. Ann Althouse has some lovely images of the "holiday" decorations at the Madison Capitol building, in addition to an appreciation of Agnes Martin, who recently passed away. Dana's back at Note It Posts, and she's got plenty to recount (I particularly like this story. It reminds me of something a guy friend once mentioned to me about hair on the floor of a barbershop being a turnon for him.) Wretchard's latest post is on the junk science that is behind a lot of public environmental policy. (On a related note: Is Kyoto dead? via Instapundit.)

Okay, onward.

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