Thursday, December 02, 2004

Melancholy Restlessness or Restless Melancholia?

Did something I've not done in years: broke out the old Roxy Music vinyl from, heck, high school. That should give an indication as to my mindset.
Gosh, I'd forgotten how lush their music is. (Wasn't Ferry called the 'only commoner cool enough to marry royalty' at one point?) When I was a kid growing up in Buffalo, they represented a sort of jetsetting sophistication that I could only dream of.

20 years later, of course, there's another set of feelings attached. Older, sadder, hopefully wiser (though I doubt it) girl I am, I felt a sort of at world-weary naivete, of fighting against a current of inevitability in some of the songs in Avalon. In one of my favorites, To Turn You On, I was struck with the parallels to this attempt to create a perfect world against all odds.

(Though I'd just as soon give up my eye teeth as give up my vinyl, I was pleased to note that there are remastered versions of some of their albums.)

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