Sunday, December 05, 2004

Single Girl in Married With Children Land

Last night I went to visit some friends of mine who moved away - it was their (more or less) annual Holiday gettogether, and one of the rare occasions I get to see them anymore.

Hal and I, I think, were the only ones there without a baby or toddler, so there really wasn't much to talk about with anyone. Well, one fellow there who still lives in the city (this was out in the suburbs) and was a fair bit older than the rest of the crowd, had a brand new little girl and was pretty bemused over his new situation. I think he'll be fine, though.

You know, there would be untold riches for anyone who got it together to have a baby rental service for single folks for such occasions. Combine it with a babysitting/nannying service, and you'd be golden. Especially for the holiday season.


Don't think that I'm resentful of friends' good fortune, etc. I'm not. I understand that this is part of life and that relationships go through changes. That doesn't mean that I can't feel a little put off or empty or whatever, However. I'm sure it'll feel even worse when all my friends start doing really inconsiderate things like dying off.

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