Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Aah, Somerville...

So. Pablo hadn't gotten home yet from New Jersey yet, so I offered to shovel his driveway and sidewalk for him. It's the neighborly thing to do. After work last night, I got to his place and found that some yutz had parked right in front of his driveway. Now, I'm gathering that, given the sense of entitlement that seems to characterize a certain class of folks in our neighborhood, they figured that since the driveway was not clear, no one would care if they blocked it. (This is the same mindset that leads people to park in empty driveways because they "saw that it was empty and figured that nobody would mind." Try to get them to park elsewhere, try to tell them that, well, you're home and you do mind them blocking you out and it's like pulling teeth, too.) Anyway, my choices were as follows: 1.) Go to the hospital across the street and have them make an announcement that the car was going to be towed if it wasn't moved soon. 2.) Call a towing company outright. 3.) Clear out the driveway and approach as best I could, and let nature take its course. (No excuse that the car owner didn't know that there was a driveway because it was full of snow. Double whammy, as not only was it illegally parked, it had out of state plates and no guest permit.)

I opted for the last option, as I figured I'd fought enough battles that day. Didn't need to take on any more hassles.


On a somewhat related note: you know the old furniture and other junk that makes its appearance to hold parking places shovelled out after a snow storm? I have heard a rumor that Mayor Menino's starting to crack down on that in Boston. True? False?

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