Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Hey Folks:

Amazon's making it really easy to give to the American Red Cross. If you're not comfortable giving to them, Yahoo's front page has links to a number of other major charities.

Glenn Reynolds has a few other suggestions.

Come on, we're Americans. By nature, we're generous and we can afford to be. James Lileks in today's bleat puts it the best I've seen so far:

"...It’s not for the dead we send the money, of course – it’s for those whose lives have been scoured down to the bone, but you can’t help but think that your contribution somehow mitigates the awful numbers. It doesn’t. And if your money makes its way to a small village, and ends up as a box of clean underwear and toothpaste and batteries and aspirin dropped in the lap of a man who watched his entire family scraped off the face of the earth and swallowed by the brutal, implacable and mindless hand of nature, well, know that it probably won’t make much difference. It can’t. But someone has to get him clean underwear and aspirin. You there, with the drawers full of Jockeys and Bayer: cough up..."

I have drawers full of Jockeys and Bayer (not to mention other ibuprofin and naproxin depending on how much I'm hurting and some pretty stuff from here, depending on how frisky I'm feeling). I'm sure you have all that and then some. Help someone who doesn't. That's what Christmas is about. That's what being blessed with good fortune is about.

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