Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Drink to forget...

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This summer I grew a number of the herbs necessary to make this in my garden. The rest I picked up from a girl in my neighborhood via Craigslist. The only thing lacking was a decent recipe.

People have warned me that it tastes just awful. I like the color, though. Couldn't I go heavy on the anise, too, to make it more Pastis-ey? By the way - am not so interested in the culture behind this as just putting together a fun little herbal homebrew. It also takes a fair number fewer ingredients than my favorite of this genre.

(Beautiful Atrocities has a great post with all sorts of good stuff on the green bad stuff, including a link to something other than the Burning Man absinthe bar absinthe recipe. Found all this via Absinthe and Cookies, natch.)

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