Friday, December 03, 2004

A Knitting Sutra

Have I been laying the vitriol on a bit much lately?
I feel as though I have. Sorry about that. Am not sure if it's the holiday season (never good for me), the lack of light, the fighting the nasty head cold, the job, or family worries. Maybe all of the above. Anyway, I'm tired and feeling down and out. Have been working overtime in alienating people I'd ordinarily be working to get closer to me. I wish January were here.

On a good note, the scarf set I started for Paula's fundraiser has come out nicely. If it didn't need to be overnighted, I'd have Hal take a picture, it's so pretty. I found in my stash three skeins of wintuk (A surprisingly soft and durable acrylic. For what I paid for it, I'd expect the crunchy, pilly stuff. This isn't like that at all.): one in a brick red, one in a grayish olive, one in khaki. Since I was aiming for quick and simple, it's all garter stitch with all three strands held together. Very chunky, and a nice, nice tweedy effect. I made it slightly thinner than a usual scarf. Not too much, mind you, just enough to be a bit 'mod.'

There's enough yarn left for both tassels and a matching cap - so am currently flying through the cap.

When I knit, I like to visualize who I'm knitting for and knit in good thoughts or prayers for that person. I hope that this, with its nice earth tones, substance and ease of care makes someone warm, happy, maybe a bit attractive-feeling this winter. That'd do my heart a little good.

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