Friday, October 01, 2004

Well, I did listen to the debate last night - but I did not watch them. I had some serious business to attend to - the results of which turned out to be two dozen jars of beautiful, tangy tart, ruby red jelly. Everything jelled (though not too much) and all the lids sealed. Now, all that rests is the fruit pulp to be made into sauce or butter or both.

(Gave some to the roommate to taste - he agreed that *tart* is much better than way too sweet and mentioned that all that was lacking was a good loaf of sourdough bread.)

Anyway - it's prettymuch always been my habit to listen to the debates rather than watch them, as I really don't care much for the orchestrated movements on stage. I feel that without the visual performance going on, I can better concentrate on the actually content of the candidates' answers. So, what were the impressions that this particular spectacle left me with? Hmm.

(Gosh darnit all - I got kicked out of explorer without having saved my post. And I had a lot. Let's give you a beautiful screed by Lileks regarding this - essentially, he froths much more elegantly and eloquently than I do. You'll get more from me in dribs and drabs as it comes to mind.)

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