Thursday, October 07, 2004

New Links

Finally got around to doing some house cleaning - and, boy howdy, was there a fair bit to do. If you look over at the sidebar, you'll notice a few new additions:

I've added several new links to people who you've probably heard me rave about before along with some others as well. Ann Althouse, Belmont Club, Captain's Quarters Blog and Bill Whittle of eject! eject! eject! are all there. I also included a link to Roger Simon's site - He, like Bill Whittle, is a former 'liberal' turned (would you call it neoconservative? reformed liberal?) after 9/11. If you're interested in the UN Oil-for-Food scandal, he's done some pretty in depth research on that.

For humor - I've (finally) added Scrappleface. It sort of reminds me of Satirewire, only oddly prescient. (Instapundit has a feature every now and again that he calls "Life Imitates Scrappleface.") As Day By Day is taking a breather (I hope things resolve themselves for the best for the writer - he's really nifty and I miss the cartoon) right now, I decided to add Cox and Forkum's cartoon blog. Pretty trenchant humor there. I like the artwork, too.

Also, you'll note some Iraqi blogs: Iraq the Model, which is the first one I fell in love with, is one family's account of life after Saddam. Do take a look at it-there's some powerfully persuasive writing there. Healing Iraq is by a dentist, I believe. Neurotic Iraqi Wife is a new (only a few weeks old) blog by a young Iraqi woman who works for a humanitarian agency in England and whose husband is back in Baghdad, working with the government. Wonderful stuff there.

I've added a link to Independent Women's Forum - a great site and resource for women who aren't into the 'identity politics' (among other things) of radical/classical feminism. Though they are often called 'conservative,' I think that they're more and truly liberal than any of the feminist groups of yore. Go take a look at their offerings.

How could I forget about...yarn sites! Knitty Dot Com has some hip, sexy, fun stuff - all free patterns - in addition to different articles on knitting as an art, technique, etc. Fun place! Lion Brand and Herrschner's Yarn Sale are two places I haunt looking for good yarn cheap.

Finally: you may notice that there are a couple ads in the upper right hand corner of the page. Why not go take a look at what they have to offer? I let Google put them there and what's displayed is generally topical stuff. I'm not looking to make a fortune or anything. That's what my current job in high finance is for. A little bit of pin money from an ad or two isn't unwelcome, though.

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