Sunday, October 31, 2004

I guess you've probably figured out who I'm voting for on Tuesday.
(It's too bad I'd not not had the foresight to get my cats registered - as democrats, of course - as they'd probably have voted across party lines as well.)

My reasons are prettymuch the same as this guy's.

Heck, even without the War on Terror or the fact that I'm not really happy with Bush's domestic side, I'd probably not have voted for Kerry. In my time here in Liberal Ethnic Hippie Land, I've never voted for him. Why break a streak?

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millersam said...

Bush had three years to get Bin Laden,
and he didn't.

Although he made big words around it right after 9/11.

His approval rate was above 90% back then.

Since then he started a different war.
And Bin Laden is still at large. He even said he would not be that concerned about him.