Monday, October 11, 2004


A wonderful time was had by all. We looked at animals, giant pumpkins, 4-H crafts awards. Got stuck in crowds, ate unhealthy food (I had a corn dog and shared an apple crisp). Tanya angered turkeys. Keith bought a top as it came off the wood turner's workbench. Heck, Pablo and his sister Anna Maria rode an elephant! Hal, of course, documented what ever he laid eyes on, and beautifully, too.

What were my favorites this time around? My first corn dog ever? The smell of the fried dough? The novelty of the vegetable bouquets? Petting the sweetie pies of llamas? Feeling the cashmere while still on the goat? Finding myself so close to semi-tame peregrines and red-tailed hawks? For a small fair, there was more than enough to see and do, and we all left tired and happy this lovely fall day.

Enjoy the pictures that follow. Hopefully there will be more soon.

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