Thursday, October 28, 2004

Need I say more?

Way to go, guys. You did it.
We've been waiting all our lives for this. We love you!

Rest in peace, Babe.

Update: You should hear the horns honking out there in Magoun Square!

Another Update: Pablo called from Harvard Square - it sounded like pandemonium. He was having the time of his life...

Oh, the Globe headline is sweet: At Last! Pigs can fly, hell is frozen, the slipper finally fits,
and Impossible Dreams really can come true...The Red Sox have won the World Series!

Just one more via Drudge: The last time they won the World Series... the first World War was about to end... Lucky Lindy was a teenager dreaming of flying across the ocean... John Kennedy was an infant... penicillin didn't exist...TV didn't exist... radio was just starting... "Red Sox Win First World Series Since 1918."

Good night, now. I've got to try get some sleep.

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