Monday, October 18, 2004

Back, but not totally myself.
The weekend would have been perfect, save for the half of my brain I left behind on Friday. Still in all, not bad.

Saturday, we took a trip over to Great Meadows in Concord. It was a bit crowded, as Saturday was gorgeous, but a nice little walk just the same.

Next to the Refuge, we found a very nice little farmstand that we'll try to visit next week as well. The man who ran the farm was wonderful - I picked up about six pounds of assorted grapes (mainly Concords and Niagaras) as well as a head of broccoli and an endive. Broccoli became part of dinner that night. The grapes have been rendered into juice and pulp and are sitting in my fridge waiting for me to process them tonight. The endive will eventually end up chopped up and served with a citrus vinaigrette one of these evenings.

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