Tuesday, October 05, 2004


How quickly is the world going to go to hell if Kerry's elected? How long is it going to take for my new aran yarn to get to me? Will I get it in time to knit it up into a sweater before Christmas? Boy, am I going to be in an awful state at work today. Speaking of which, I really need to find a new job...I don't know how much longer I can go on being a zombie in that place. Will the apples last another couple of days in the fridge? It's actually tougher to get them through the foodmill than I remember. Why can't I afford that duplex on Main Street? How long before Sharia courts would be permitted here if Kerry were elected? They have them in Canada now. Why'd I have that glass of wine with dinner? It's verboten on my diet. Will I ever get rid of my belly? Will I ever fit into my nice interview suit (or winter clothes) again? I don't want to have to buy new stuff. I have perfectly good clothes in my closet. What a waste. Why has my face been broken out since returning from Deer Isle? I don't want to have to wear a burkha. I want desperately to go back to school but can't afford to do both that and live here. I don't feel like leaving here either, gosh darnit. Will my knee heal properly? I get this hot, dry pain in it periodically and I still can't walk too much on it, much less run or hike. Gosh darnit - have to get it together to get doctor/PT appointments. Not to mention see the chiropractor; the back's bothering me again. (I'm sure it's the extra weight in the midsection.) I know I get a three day weekend this week - would it be so wrong to have an extra day tacked on? Probably. Sigh. Need to get a new pair of eyeglasses, too. Were all the people who said that Kerry "won" the debate listening to the same stuff I was? Heck, were they even listening at all? I don't watch the TV because I think the images distract from the content. We're not getting frost tonight, I hope. I still have a dozen or so tomatoes left on the vines. Need to clean out the flower beds for the season. Who can get me compost? I wonder if the orb weavers are still in the front? Their webs are still there. Huge spiders - almost as big as my cats. I'd sure hate to run into one while doing yard work. It's four o'clock. Hal gets up now, now that he's on the early morning shift. He wonders if his company isn't going to hell in a handbasket under the new ownership. I worry about him. Wish he was in a better place workwise. Selfwise. I wish I could help. Ech. Look at me. Mess. Should I get my hair trimmed? Cut short again? Should I just let it grow? Can I go back to sleep now? Please?

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