Monday, October 18, 2004

This weekend, we had sort of a mixed bag of films.
We're still working on the Marilyn Monroe Diamond Collection: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and Monkey Business were leftovers from last weekend. (We saw Seven Year Itch last week.) I think that I preferred Gentlemen, as I tend to prefer musicals (Boy, aside from being a bombshell, Jane Russell is pretty darned talented. Have to look for more of her stuff. Any recommendations?), and Monkey Business was typical Cary Grant as the Absent-Minded Professor. I do have to say, though, that Ginger Rogers was a treat in that one, and I'd love to see more of her 'on her own.' (Again - any recommendations?)

The best of the lot this weekend, however, was Crimes and Misdemeanors. Both Hal and the back of the DVD container had listed this work as a comedy. Though there were moments of levity in it, I found it to be pretty heavy fare, bordering on nihilistic. To me, it felt like Crime and Punishment, only without the redemption of the protagonist at the end. (Maybe more like The Immoralist? I'll have to think about it some more and, of course, see it again, as we do see in the film that the main character gets to questioning his faith - but in the other direction from Gide's protagonist.) Food for thought. Food for thought.

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