Thursday, July 07, 2005

We all knew that this was coming.

This brings me back to that beautiful day in September when a London friend made the comment that the US had it coming, that somehow those people in the airplanes and in the office buildings deserved what they got.

I'd really hoped that this might be a learning experience to some; that blaming the victim for the crime is pointless. No one deserves to die this way, be they Iraqi, Afghani, American, Israeli or Pro Blair/Pro Liberal Internationalist Britons. Some will never learn, however.

It should be obvious by the nature of the attacks that the perpetrators are not discriminating between Lib Dems, Greens, antiwar Anglicans or whatever. You're in the area, you're a commuter, you're fair game. Assigning blame on anything but the terrorists (whether they be anti-globalists or militant Islamics; Blair initially fingered G8 protesters. Some al-Qaida group claimed responsibility.) is just plain stupid and, as Norm put it, contemptible.


Of course, you can't forget this. Got to keep your bases covered.


Mark said...

A sad day for the Brits, and a sad performance by many of the 'progressives'. If there's any consolation, at least two devices were apparently recovered unexploded, if the latest is true...

Matilda said...

They had proper warning, just like the US before 911. Shows how much politicos care for the surplus population.