Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Silk Blouse? Check.

Nice Looking (not jeans) Pants? Check.

Pearls? (What the heck, go for the colored ones.) Check.

Now, what to wear for shoes?

Given that there are so many choices for nice, summery things to wear on an Occasion (and meeting the President is an Occasion, on par with if not above going to a concert or an art event...even for those who don't agree with his politics), why would anyone even think of wearing flip flops, for crying out loud?

-Thanks, Nick, you fashion maverick, you.


Nick said...

I'll leave the fashion blogging to someone far more knowledgable than I (such as yourself)... but I did find it rather humorous.

Be said...

Oh Please! A roommate of mine said that I was the best argument for Adult Garanimals out there...I just know enough not to wear beach thongs (even $150 ones) in front of the President of the United States.

Nick said...

Beach thong would have probably been acceptable in the Clinton Whitehouse... not so sure in the Bush one though. *insert play on words with bush here*