Sunday, July 24, 2005

Sunday night, 10:15 pm.

A half-glass of Australian chardonnay is on the desk, Don Giovanni is on the radio, the ceiling fan is causing a slight movement of air in my room. All's well in my world.

Little girl cat has become very affectionate; she's currently sitting at my left arm as I type. I stop what I'm writing periodically to caress her head and neck. It occurs to me that she feels like a silk tree blossom.

We were going to go see the movies based on Conrad novels at the HFA tonight, but since I'm currently battling a summer (insult to injury) cold and Hal's in the process of catching it, we decided to lay low. To be honest, I'm not too disappointed. We had one heck of a weekend, and I'm perfectly happy to relax and enjoy an hour or so of opera mixed in with urban music before going to bed.


Anonymous said...

I call my little girl cat, Sweet Tiny Pea, "Silky."

How about some pix of your silky one?



Be said...

You know, it's really difficult to take pictures of Ampersand, as she's an itty bitty kitty black hole and sucks up all the light around her. Hal took about 60 pictures of her on Sunday, so hopefully something will have turned out okay. She's a very pretty girl, now that she eats properly and lets me groom her.